Mono Printing

I very love this workshop, I did my first mono printing here. I want to try etching for a long time but no chance yet. Anyway, I got this workshop instead, it's fun and very inspiration for me. Trying this new technique made me have more idea for my future project though.

My three dimensional london

From my first term project, “narrative” collage

I have to make the extension one for the collage exhibition this April. I walked around many places to shoot the nicest scenes, greatest perspective and buildings. Then with the 100pictures from my camera, I die cut and stick layers and layers to every buildings, making them a pop – up scenes. At last, walking girls are place to the street just like the first one but with the new scene!


Find the yellow birds

Finally, I've done this project. I quite like this 3D paper illustration I made for a Okido project. I create a game for a kid, finding all the yellow birds in this wood. It hurts my eyes so bad, but glad to see the outcome.


All the tiny things

I got a brief for my illustration final project, I have to make a 20 x 20 cm illustration for print in Okido magazine, either a game or a story. I decided to make a paper illustration, to make it more interesting and eye-catching. Kids would love to stare all the details in this forest scene and find all the yellow birds. Here're my half way..


Where's Spring

It'd be Spring right now, in the middle of March, but I can't see any sign of it. Still freezing here, so I draw it and hope it will coming very soon ..



A Korean-American born illustrator, Esther Kim born in Los Angeles, who spent her teenage years in Tokyo. She is inspired by the fashionable girls in Tokyo and L.A.. Both cities have been very influential to the development of her aesthetic. Her drawings have a girly sweet feeling and are detailed yet simple.

Her first big assignment was for Nylon Japan in 2007. Since then she has worked with many brands including Ellegirl Korea, Human Potential, Nylon US, Urban Outfitters, and more. This spring she has different t-shirt projects coming out with Anna Sui, Heather and Nissen. more interviews here.

Amazing drawing, cute and got a style.Estherlovesyou? I love you too Esther!


Okido pop up shop

I went to Okido Pop Up shop at Brixton after class to see my works there. The shop was very small but full of inspirations. There were kids drawing everywhere, I can feel what happened here on the weekend. It must be much fun !

Here's my work,


Stopmotion Workshop

I'm so glad that I decided to join this class today. It was very fun making the stopmotion. I brought my tofu robots as make the clip. Our group created a story of a tofu synchronized swimming and also add the applause sound clip at the end! so cute!!


Illustration class

We had to create a game for kids, so we draw animals in a big paper for kids to find group of animals, like, which animals should be in a house or in a forest or under the sea. In the other hand, this could be a wallpaper pattern for any propose as well.

This is a game that everyone have to draw one page each but can't see what's in front that page. Finally, it turned out very amazing, like the same story!

And after I send my mini book illustration, I got a chance to see other students works. The one I like most is the mini book that made from cloth and sew through every pages! amazing one, I love it!