I just done my illustration for kids!!! It’s my first time, first try, I mean for kid! It has to be very colorful, full of imagination and no cruel like my passed work ,I thought. Well, finally, after researches and tried so many times. I decided to use watercolor and an A3 mini origami book in the story of a garden. It teaches children to explore a garden that what insides, by a Noam as a guide. Wheewww… Hope it gonna be ok for Okido!

This is the full side before it folds.


Paper Heart .org

This work called "message", it just one of amazing works from Jessica Williams Jessica works include illustration, Graphic, Photography ... I think she is good at everything especially paper,and that is I love most. I can feel the light breeze in her works, what do you think?


Alice in 36 Row

You can find a video clip in YouTube and add them inyooouuutuuube then see what it turns out !!

You can zoom in,zoom out, pan it score it or watch it in full screen.

Have fun!

This is an example great picture great soundtrack ,everything is just perfect … lovelovelove it click here


Illustration project

I'm doing a illustration project, the tutors who held is from Okido, an amazing children magazine. I have seen their works before, even bought a postcard from TATE MODERN and already in my wall. I got a brief last week to draw a mini origami book.. Today I start to do research and I design to use water color. I try lot and lot of flowers and also a human, which I use myself and my friend as a model. I think I gonna draw living things in a garden to teach children. Here's my first try

Book biding

My friend asked me to help her finish her project. Actually, she study Interior Design but she want her work to be more craft work than another 3D project. I decided to bind her 15 pages of 100gram papers, which is thick more than I though. I broke 3 of my needles, as we didn't have any drill tools. It took more than 2 hours to finish but it turned out very good. I'm very proud of another hand-made book binding.


Taku Satoh

Taku Satoh, a japanese design office. I have seen their works very often but don't know that they come from this office. All of their works are plain ,very japanese style and very unique. I wish I could make my works like this !



I found this cute museum at -1 floor, Selfridges. It is more like exhibition than a museum. The most thing I like is the partition that made from Garbage bags and turned out very great. Overall is good and worth to visit.


Finally I finish my tea project! I made 2 paper cup 1 pattern on porcelain cup and a set of tea bags in a wooden box. It was very fun project that I create all my brand identity until all the packaging by myself. As I said before I want the shop image to be plain but unique, also have a natural-look.

my boat can really flood!

and the day we send our final works, I got a chance to see my classmates work, which are great inspiration for me.


teaspoon in a box!

I made my own tea box and 4 tea bags with new tags, which I decide to made them look like tea leafs. I choose 4 colors to represent 4 favor of tea. It was fun made this box!

Tea branding

My project this term is tea branding, I have to design all from the name, signage, logo, package to the idea of how the teashop is going to be. I start from research client background, the image of the shop is to be unique and made from ingredient that as fresh as possible. I decide to use the name as "teaspoon" and create the mood and tone to feel like everything in this shop come from nature, bright, cozy and purity. As it will locate in Bond street, the busy and shopping
street. I want this shop to be an escape place from the busy day life.

This is my mood board

I want everything in the shop made from wood or paper to have the natural look. I decide tea bag to look like origami like the logo, the boat origami will flood and then sink in the tea cup when it dropped. I fold and put the tea leaf inside. As I try so man
y times, here is the result.