Where the wild things are

"What's not to like about wild animals that talk and huge forests growing in your room?" Where the wild things are is beyond imaginary movie. It's all about wandering, finding, playing....and return home with everything is like the same. I can't wait to see. All the trailer I saw was amazing, and the album I had is brilliant. I keep listen on and on , this is my favorite song of the album... Hope you love it like me


my first 20!

Process workshop

Paul Smith for Evian

Another cool collaboration again..Here’s a behind the scenes look into Paul Smith’s approach to design and the inspirations behind his latest collaborative venture with Evian… I did found some inspiration here.

Cut and Paste

I was walking in Covent Garden to find some ideas or sources to make my collage. I found a cute typography everywhere. And because it was after Typo class , so I interest and think of them more than every time I saw and walk pass. Especially, the orange signage for "Tristan Bates Theatre" made me think of the typeface that "PLEAT PLEASE" , one of Issey Miyake line used for their brand.. I also post that signage to show the similarity of them. It's amazing to see the typeface just half of it but we still know what the letter is,maybe that's why we have to learn typography.


On progress

First step of 100 collages... I took an hour just to cut my 100 pieces of A6!

Elephant and Castle

Typo Workshop

Fire Alarm

While we are in VCT class, the fire alarm rang. Everybody was line down to the front of building. It was my first time to see all the LCC's students. No one seems surprised and I still curious what cause of that ring.

Research Workshop

Image Workshop


Photo Cropping Workshop

The interesting thing about cropping the photo is you can make the audiences focus on what you want them to see. Plus,it can change the meaning, the feeling or add or reduce something in the photo. Here're what I did in class and using the thinking strategy tool 'Plus/Minus/Interesting' to annotate them.

Close up of a detail
P - Make audiences focus on the exact detail that want to show clearly.
M - Other details of this photo may disappear.
I - The cropped photo seems centered weight. Moreover, a ball in the photo is fully captured,while a man's face is cropped, so the audiences know where to focus.

Wide angle horizontal

P - Horizontal cropping makes the photo more impact. In this photo, audience can see only faces, so it makes more strong emotion.
M - It has no clue where this photo took place.
I - Focusing only faces and their expression make the meaning of photo change. The original one feels like fabulous moment but after cropping, it makes a stunning emotion.

Narrow angle vertical

P - After cropping the photo, it doesn't look chaos as it be.
M - The audiences don't know whereto focus.
I - The triangle crop make different emotion and different meaning, the audiences can't see other details.

Depersonalise a photo with people in it

P - It can change the meaning of photo just by cropping the people in it, so the audiences can interpret in a new way. In this photo, the original one is focusing at a goat but after cropped, the main point has change to a kid pointing at something.
M - The meaning of photo is not clear.
I - The kid in an photo looks more individual.

Crop to abstract

P - It changes a normal photo to an abstract one by using varied shape instead if a simple square shape. Also, the audiences can interpret the meaning themselves.
M - It's hard to understand the meaning of photo.
I - Just by croppingthe photo, it turned to be more curiosity.

Crop to define

P - After cropped, the meaning of photo becomes clearly that the kid is dizzy or lazy.
M - If the audiences see only the cropped photo, they wouldn't know what the kid curious about.
I - The circle shape makes the feeling of this photo not so serious.

Make look distant

P - The photo can see through from the nearest to the farthest end which shows the depth of view as well.
M - It left other details and the feeling of image has changed. The original photo feel more pitiful than the cropped one.
I - The distant of the photo seems endless.

Crop to enhance the emotion impact

P - The cropped photo make a strong feeling, the audiences even hear the sound of the crying baby.
M - It has no sense of humor left in this cropped photo. There is only a baby who cried.
I - The photo is much more impact and strong impression from the cropping shape and a red colour.

Narrow vertical

P - The audiences can imagine what is hiding in the area they can't see.
M - Maybe the photo is too small.
I - The cropped photo makes audiences' eyes focus on a woman's face and it make her legs look longer.

Bold exciting

P - More focus on what the man is doing, so it makes more powerful expression.
M - Distort the photo of a car. The audiences don't know what the man is smashing.
I - By rotating an photo, it can feel like the punch is stronger.


P - The cropped photo could be more impact family picture.
M - Another kid in an photo is disappear whether he is one of the family or not, he has been left out.
I - The audiences can feel love in the cropped photo, because they can only focusing at a family.


Cozy sunday market

I went to Columbia Road market last Sunday..It was so lovely, a short road with plenty of flowers and what bring me there is one of my favorite designer, Rob Ryan. I heard he has a shop there and I'm right, It was so nice and make me smile to see lot of his brilliant works there,in a tiny little space.