I was home all day and got nothing to do, then I start to draw.. not only illustration but I created a typeface, a very hairly one like a real mustache. My next plan is use them to create my own pattern.


Happy Christmas

Christmas is coming and my favorite brand, MUJI did a fantastic work again. This year they used lot of people dressed in red and shoot from above and it turned out really stunning!
Love love love MUJI!



Finally our collages are on the gallery wall ! There're almost 9000 pieces and look really great when they put together.
Unfortunately, they just there only 6hours..


Another papercraft

Sydney-based paper designerBenja Harney releases images from the recent Topshop Australia Incu Window Project in papercraft. Working under the title ‘Best of British’every piece has a distinct English flavor.

and also these wings for Hermès Christmas window display

Installation x window display

Excellent installation and illusion made at Maison Hermès Japan, by Tokujin Yoshioka. What a lovely way to show a famous Hermès scarf. I love when it becomes this real, like that girl never get tired of blowing. Amazing,isn't it?